BJMA Arnis Eskrima Kali


"Filipino Weaponry Self Defense - More Than Sticks & Daggers"

The foundations for the BJMA Eskrima System of Filipino Martial Arts were originally set back in November 1996, in Melbourne, Victoria. This came through the initial contact and expertise of the 5th Degree Doce Pares representative at the time.

April 2000 saw the direct affiliation of the BJMA Eskrima Group by Peter Shannon under the guidance of SGM Dionisio A. Canete of Doce Pares Inc, Cebu, Philippines.

Training Trips from that period to the present to the Philippines have seen the family ties strengthen, with BJMA Eskrima representation at World Championship level and active support at the 70th, 75th & 80th Anniversary Celebrations for Doce Pares International in Cebu, Philippines.

" 2016 Celebrated 20 Years for BJMA Eskrima since Foundation in November, 1996 "

The BJMA Eskrima Group throughout the Australasian Region is teaching the current Doce Pares Multi-styles International Curriculum of Eskrima Kali Arnis as per SGM Diony Canete's instruction, including the formalised 12 Doce Pares Traditional Forms personally presented to Chief Instructor Master Peter Shannon at the Doce Pares 70th Anniversary in DVD format.

This direct contact established the BJMA Group as one of the most up to date Doce Pares affiliates in the World.

Dedicated Instructors throughout this time have progressed to Doce Pares Internationally recognised and certified rankings from Grade 1 Black Belt to Grade 7 Black Belt with Master Instructor Certification.

BJMA Eskrima received it's Affiliated Certification with the Doce Pares Group, under SGM Dionisio A CaƱete of Cebu City, Philippines-presented in August 2000. The system is designed to be integrated by all Instructors and Students from any Martial Arts background, without compromising any of their previous training or affiliations.

Ongoing goals and achievements have seen the establishment of accredited Instructors in various States of Australia and New Zealand, Seminars by various Filipino Masters, regular Training Trips to the Doce Pares Headquarters and WEKAF-style Stick Fighting Tournaments in Cebu, Philippines.


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