BJC Muay Thai

BJC Muay Thai - Established March 1986

BJC MUAY THAI™ is one of the fastest and easiest sports to learn in the world.

With that in mind the syllabus has been structured and formatted in such a way to provide a gradual progression through the 5 colour singlets (i.e.Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green & Brown) before the student attains their Black singlet.

As well as self-defence minded students, the system will also encourage many to take on their training for the purpose of competition. The skills training has been refined emphasing the system's unique footwork and explosive power.

Body conditioning is a major necessity for the potential competitor and the addition of the Gladiator plyometrics routine has become both a training drill and tested requirement.


ThailandMuay Thai originates from Thailand used in warfare, as a means of self defence and eventually became the national sport. Passed down orally and through demonstration from family to family, early accounts of contests date back to the 1700's.

King Pra Chao Sua (The Tiger King)During the reign of King Pra Chao Sua (the Tiger King) Thai boxing gained a great impetus as he was a keen fan and Thai boxing champion in his own right. He traveled to village fairs incognito to fight local champions and no one realised who he was. In those days gloves were fashioned out of hemp rope.

By the 20th century the sport had become so violent that deaths in the ring were becoming frequent. The government intervened and introduced some early rules so that by the 1930's modern gloves, rules, rings and weight divisions made the sport much safer.

Thai elders felt that the introduction of gloves and rules were an insult to their art and as a result, hand techniques were given the least recognition on the points scale during competition. This is due to the fact that the hands are the only weapon protected by padding. Despite the legislation, deaths still occurred, mainly from the elbow strike to the temple.

In Thai boxing, unlike other martial arts, the fighters learn to kick with their shins and to aid this the shins are deliberately toughened by kicking heavy bags, or if you believe the movies, palm trees! Thai's are devout Buddhists and naturally incorporate their beliefs and rituals into all parts of life including Muay Thai.

When entering the ring, Thai boxers carry a talisman within a cord which is tied around the arm and called a

or crown, worn around the head. This is the property of the teacher and as such, is considered sacred.

Each year several senior BJC MUAY THAI™ instructors and students travel to Thailand for a two week training camp. By training closely with the Thai teachers our own instructors continue to develop their personal skills and experience to the benefit of all BJC MUAY THAI™ students.

2012 - BJC Muay Thai Tour

2012 - Tour Information

The skills brought back from these training camps are faithfully passed on to BJC MUAY THAI™ students ensuring that all our students are taught the most technically correct and proven methods in their training as used "in the ring" in Thailand.