Recently I was in TOOWOOMBA – QUEENSLAND as a guest of Hanshi Jim Friis (9th Degree - TM) at the *MMA/WKA – Nationals.  It was a real pleasure meeting all newly joined WKA – Instructors and their student members.

I had taken with me two of my evolutis ‘A-TEAM’, Aaron Smalley (The Chief Instructor) and Frankie Ferraro (The Head Coach) of BJMA – X-TREME MARTIAL ARTS. 

They both stole the show as they demonstrated their modern free-forms adding in their latest X-MA TRIX.  Aaron (The Chief) did an amazing modern interpretation of the traditional samurai sword and everyone said how much they had both improved since their last visit to Toowoomba only three weeks before.

Half way through the day’s events the international news reported the death of Muhammad Ali (I have been a big fan from back in his hey-day when I refereed a bout with him in Edmonton, Canada).  We had a moment of silence in center ring with all of the higher grades and we and the audience (500 of us) gave him a raucous send off with three times Chi re be Ta’Ta’ – HURRA, HURRA, HURRA.