The foundations for the BJMA Eskrima and the Doce Pares Australia Systems of Filipino Martial Arts were originally set back in November 1996, in Melbourne, Victoria. This came through the initial contact and introduction of the 5th Degree Australian Doce Pares representative at the time - his decision to move on saw the direct affiliation in April 2000 of both systems by Peter Shannon under the guidance of Grandmaster Dionisio A. Canete of Doce Pares, Cebu, Philippines after an intensive introductory training trip.

A series of further training trips to the Philippines have seen the family ties strengthen, with representation at WEKAF World Championship level and active support at the Anniversary Celebrations for Doce Pares International through to the 80th in 2012 in the Philippines, with the most recent training trip being in July 2016 which had the trip members actively involved in the Grading Panel for International Instructors from around the World and training daily at the Doce Pares Headquarters in Cebu with SGM Diony Canete and senior Grand Masters and instructors. The 14th WEKAF World Championships were on during the first week of the July trip and Marc Toussaint competed in various divisions, winning a Bronze medal in the Dagger Division - the WEKAF Australian team were extremely competitive on the World scene ending up 4th overall in the medal results.

All Doce Pares International ranked instructors have played an active role in the support of the Sponsorship Program in Cebu that provides financial support for both school education and martial arts tuition for the select group of individuals on the program. We have seen in person the positive effect and success of the program first hand and are proud to be involved in such an endeavour.

Rank promotions on the recent trip saw Master Peter Shannon promoted to 7th Grade Doce Pares International Black Belt, Master Marc Toussaint promoted to 6th Grade Black Belt, Vela Georgiev promoted to Master level and 5th Grade Black Belt and Guro Clare Stainsby graded through to 3rd Grade Black Belt - Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication to the Filipino Martial Arts.

The Doce Pares Australia and BJMA Eskrima Groups throughout the Australasian Region are teaching the current Doce Pares Multi-Style International Curriculum of Eskrima Kali Arnis as per SGM Diony Canete's instruction, including the formalised 12 Doce Pares Traditional Forms in DVD format and reinforced during ongoing training stints in the Philippines over the years.

This direct contact establishes both Groups as one of the most up-to-date Doce Pares affiliates in the World at this time.

The System incorporates Single and Double Stick, Staff, Palm Stick and Dagger training, plus Competition Stick Fighting Tournament applications.

The Empty Hand side of the Art includes: Close Quarter trapping, Sensitivity and Contactive Reflex training, plus Joint Locking, Groundwork and Controlling applications.

The system is designed to be integrated by all Instructors and Students from any Martial Arts background, without compromising any of their previous training or affiliations - everyone welcome at all levels of participation.

Stated simply, the Curriculums in place provide practioners with the right attitudes and habits to prepare them to develop skills and achieve the desired change. The aims are to ingrain the traits of being responsible, tolerant and adaptive to change, in terms of skill, attitude and knowledge in an atmosphere of friendly learning and support.


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