Horse Aikido © by pettra Engeländer


and THE CHIEF training together on horseback on the Castle Grounds

A symbiosis of martial arts and horsemanship.

"What is Aikido © Horse?"

Horse Aikido © was developed by pettra Engeländer training system that integrates specific exercises from the martial arts in the techniques and practices of natural horsemanship and this expanded.

It is a training for all riding ends to experience the presence and the connection to the horse both on the ground and while riding on a new layer and use independently and successfully after a seminar learned.

The principles of Aikido and the martial arts in general allow people to develop a deeper insight into the nature of horses, the art of riding and independent seat.

Horse Aikido © is based on the harmonic redirecting the energy (5 Ki-HorseDo ©) through insight into the movement. The energy is not hoist by back pressure, but is deliberately changed and used.

The seminar's personal situation with your own horse is treated individually, and are taught to the participants coordinated exercises from the Horse © Aikido. The course of the seminar is based on a holistic training system that integrates body, mind and personal skills of the participants and makes them a sense of achievement for horse and rider.

Pettra railings and Martin Rutishauser create a unique space of experience to bring horse and man in motion, balance and strength.


"What's Ki / Qi?"

Ki is the name for life energy as prana or qi in the Indian Chinese. Ki in Aikido Horse © we understand the meaning of the universal energy that flows through us and nonverbally expressed by our thoughts, words, and our actions in space.

The horse takes body tension, stress or shallow breathing exercise, immediately reacts and reflects us these states on its way back.

Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and meditation are ways to evolve through HorseDo © (horse-way) for "conscious rider". Ki and its cultivation is one of the most important points in the Horse © Aikido.


"Who can participate in these seminars?"

This seminar is independent of the Riding, suitable for all those who want to establish a deeper connection to her horse and have an interest in the martial arts with horses.

The seminar is for beginners with no previous knowledge and interested parties with well-trained horses. Our horses are ridden without a saddle and exclusively bitless (with pad).


Horses and equipment

We encourage participants to bring their own horses to the seminar so that the learned directly implemented and what has been learned can be anchored. If this is not possible, horses can be made in consultation with the organizer available.

The number of participants is limited so that a high quality of teaching is guaranteed. The training material for Horse Aikido © is provided by the IEHAS.

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