Kidz Karate is an innovative program which was designed specifically for primary school aged children between 5-13 years.

It was developed out of a need to provide a safe and exciting training system which kept young minds enthused and at the same time, led directly into the senior karate classes.

The grading system has been modified to enable young martial artists to gain a solid grounding in both the physical and mental aspects of karate.

All grading requirements are taken from the senior karate curriculum but are spread out over a much longer time frame.

As Kidz Karate students learn similar skills as their older counterparts they can easily move into the older group once they are both confident and old enough.

The aims & objectives of the Zen Do Kai Kidz Karate Program are to develop:

  • basic Martial Arts based training
  • basic self defence skills
  • a healthy attitude to sport
  • a healthy attitude towards self
  • basic motor skills
  • group socialization
  • co-operation with others
  • basic discipline

But most of all to have fun!

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