Training Equipment used in BJC MUAY THAIā„¢ sessions...

Forearm Pads (also known as Thai Pads)

Used to develop Hand, Elbow, Kicking and Kneeing Skills and considered to be the most versatile and essential piece of training equipment.

Focus Pads

Used to develop Hand Skills, used similarly as done in Western Boxing

Kick Shield.

Used to develop Kicking, Kneeing and Stand Up Grappling Skills

Boxing Gloves

Used to afford protection to the hands and safety when light sparring

Belly Pad

used by the instructor/trainer so that students can execute techniques without fear of hurting the instructor!

Hand wraps

used to support the hands and wrists against sprains and the like when striking at training equipment

Elastic Ankle supports

Muay Thai Training shorts Shin Pads. Used to afford protection and safety when light sparring

Skipping Rope

Used in warm ups, fitness & conditioning