When witnessing extreme martial arts, what stands out commonly is the energy of the practitioner, the acrobatic kicking, the level of performance, technical application and the focus to attain excellence within the demonstration. These are the skills of the practitioner, the extreme student, which lays the foundations of what Extreme martial art is all about. In truth, extreme martial arts is a combination of Martial kicks and forms, acrobatics, and performance routines to create a high energy charged dynamic demonstration. These skills however, are the methods of delivery to teach personal development, leadership and self belief and allow the student to build from their foundations, to create skyscrapers within and of themselves.

Extreme Martial Arts is the name of Performance Leadership Martial Arts. In performance leadership, We teach our students how to be a leader at home, at school, the martial training centre, and of themselves through guiding and developing the student. This extends their self confidence, self respect, discipline, their focus, compassion and leadership qualities through performance martial arts. This enables our students to achieve the mindset of a champion, to present themselves and perform their abilities to the highest possible level.

Performance leadership gives the skills to the student to challenge, problem solve and find creative solutions for themselves. Almost everything in the modern world can be accomplished with typing in a few words and searching the results, but the outcome is having an answer presented, almost given, without the need to process the information and problem solve for the solution. In performance leadership, the leader develops the skills of ingenuity, imagination by creating their own performance forms with emphasis on: 'how can I achieve my vision?' This problem solving process activates the whole brain, and allows a complete creative approach; the student problem solves, creates the solution and becomes a leader. In school the student completes task set by the teacher in a inspired way, sourcing the solution and building the team. They have the inner confidence and self believe to present speeches in the class or deliver announcements to the school. Creating young, strong leaders.

'How can I achieve my vision?'

In school, performance leadership students are not easy targets in the eyes of bullies. Bullies go for the people they know they will create a reaction out of or cause effect. The performance leadership student is not an easy target because they are champions within, they have self- confidence, self- respect and originality to be who they are. When the student is true to themself and believes in themself, the bullies can never penetrate these projected qualities from the student. These qualities act like a  force field or what is delivered and presented in when performing a form. The student is using their martial arts, without ever touching the bully, but in the development of their leadership qualities.

Extreme martial arts, performance leadership martial arts is creating leaders in the youth of the world through instruction and direction of how to channel the martial virtues of confidence, discipline, focus and self belief into the performances of high energy we are presented with. No matter how hard the challenge or how far the goal is, anything is possible when you put your mind to it and believe in your ability. This is extreme martial arts, performance leadership martial arts, and there is no greater gift to the instructor or parent, than to see and hear story's of a student's success, wether its learning a new trick or becoming school captain from the journey of when they were so shy stepping on the mats to the performance leader they are now. A champion mindset, A modern warrior, a performance leader.

Written by Aaron Smalley


Hi Chief,

 Just got the opportunity to read Aaron's article.   

In my opinion the article is outstanding not just as an overview of XMA but in the essence of pedagogical practice that enhances learning and the anti-bullying message embed within Performance Leadership principles.

Please pass on my compliments to Aaron.


John Leondaris - 8th Degree TM