BJMA AEK - Instructor Course

BJMA - AEK Instructors Course - Level 1

There are presently Instructor Course Programs as well as the Student Level Curriculum in operation, which have book, DVD and seminar support, with regular classes throughout the Region.

For participants currently holding Black Belt Instructor levels in any recognised Martial Art.

The course requires the completion of two one-day training sessions. There is usually a two month period between the first and second days of the course - courses can be arranged over one weekend for individuals or interstate and overseas Instructors availability.

Each day consists of six hours of detailed Instruction, plus included in the course are: Weapons Kit, Teaching Curriculum and a Level 1 DVD to back up the hands on instruction. Also included for future training is the BJMA 1-5 Weaponry DVD and Curriculum,which provides simple format instruction suitable for Seminar presentation of the principles of BJMA Eskrima.

Successful applicants receive their Level 1 Certification and the approved BJMA - AEK uniform as required at the end of the Course. (Uniform consists of Arnis Red T-Shirt, Black Pants & Level 1 Black Belt with white stripe).

Upon receipt of two passport photos, completed/signed BJMA Instructor Agreement and instructor registration fee, the BJMA Head Office will send the AEK Club Instructor their OFFICIAL BJMA - AEK Instructor ID card and instructor pack.

BJMA - AEK Club Instructors receive an appropriate discount for AEK equipment imported from the Philippines by Clubshop International; including all training equipment, Uniforms, Certification, Weaponry, Doce Pares Videos and Books.

Qualified Level 1 Instructors also have access to the Doce Pares Multi - Styles Curriculum of Grandmaster Diony CaƱete for advancing their Filipino Martial Arts skills via regular weekend AEK Training Days.

ALL ENQUIRIES: Peter Shannon, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 0408 393 426