FIGHTING FIT - 1-5 Modules

1 - 5 Modules

The 1 - 5 Modules within the Fighting Fit Freestyle system was an evolutionary process through Bob Jones' experiences and martial development. Below is a brief explantion of the history of Fighting Fit - Freestyle and eventual development of BJC Freestyle-Modern.


MUAY THAI FIGHTINGThe 1 - 5 system was originally developed by Bob Jones to help enhance the training of full contact Muay Thai fighters. Every weapon (hands, kicks, elbows & knees) was grouped into sets of five techniques to simplify drilling procedures and create a better system of communications between trainer and fighter during a contest.

The system was developed in 1995 to prepare Ben Hamilton (Heavyweight) and Michael Kenna (Welterweight) who were competitors at 'The Crowning', a kickboxing event held at the then Glasshouse in Melbourne.

This system was then adopted to enhance the training procedures of BJC students within both Zen Do Kai and BJC MUAY THAI™ .