FIGHTING FIT - Martial Arts Marketing

Martial Arts Marketing

It was in 1997 that Bob Jones began to work on a 'door to door' martial arts marketing project. However to kick start this project, he sought to develop a new BJC system where students would learn a martial art without forms or patterns. This new system became known as 'Fighting Fit'.

The first 'Fighting Fit' club was opened at Tullamarine Primary School by Michael Kenna with the help of Barry and Michelle Greenwood and some eager BJC students. The Tullamarine club was successful established with students who were introduced by the marketing program. The second 'Fighting Fit' club was soon opened in Bundoora at Parade Seconday College by Joe Defrancesco.

Fighting Fit consisted of three programs:

  • Kidz Fit

  • Fighting Fit - Freestyle; and

  • Fighting Fit Kickboxing

All programs had grading systems established where students would more through 5 coloured belts being Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown before progressing through the 10 Black Belt degrees. Each coloured belt stage became known as a 'module' where students would learn a mesh between muay thai and the shoot fighting systems perviously discussed. After Black Belt, students would then learn 'Lull Before the Storm' - the one and only Fighting Fit form.

Although 'Fighting Fit' had a strong following by those that had established it or joined during it's inception other BJC instructors did not feel the need to adopt another Bob Jones Martial Art. However, it remained constant with Fighting Fit students continuing to persist and develop themselves. BJC MUAY THAIā„¢ also continued to flourish especially in our country Victoria areas, but the shoot fighting systems began to decline in popularity at fite nites.