FIGHTING FIT - Insurance Hassells

Insurance Hassells

Let The Good Times Roll by Bob JonesIn 2002, Bob Jones wrote and published his book 'Let The Good Times Roll' and it was in this same year that a series of world-wide disasters occured.

Terrorism and vandalism were at the media's forefront with the September 11 attack on the New Yorks World Trade Centre and the fire that threatened to destroy Australia's Capital Territory, Canberra.

These events amongst many other disasters had an impact on insurance that saw almost any disaster as possible and inevitably inflated their rates to astronomical proportions.

This effectively moved insurance companies to look at martial arts that relied on training activities such as 'sparring', a practice that in their eyes was 'high risk'.

As we all know BJMA instructors supervise these practices with professionalism, control and without injury to our students, but to the insurance 'pen pushers' this was an excuse to make more money and therefore rates were sent sky high.

Worse yet, martial sports such as Muay Thai, Boxing and even Brazillian Jujitsu could not even apply for insurance causing many local BJC MUAY THAIā„¢ clubs to close their doors for risk of an accident occurring while they did not have public liability.

More turmoil came later for BJC clubs when the cost of student accident cover was also inflated and made unaffordable to the BJC Headqarters. Each club instructor would then have to apply for their own student accident cover on top of their public liability insurance.