FIGHTING FIT - Fighting Fit 2003

Fighting Fit - 2003

Bob Jones did not want his clubs to close and advised the BJC MUAY THAIā„¢ instructors that there was an alternative - Fighting Fit Freestyle.

The Shape of Things to ComeAfter almost 7 years of laying dormant, Fighting Fit was about to flourish as Bob Jones with the assistance of Michael Kenna completed a 'new' Fighting Fit curriculum.

The new system would adopt and encapsulate the personal training techniques of Bob Jones and move into his desired direction in preparation for the next millenium.

He felt that it was time for a 'modern'* freestyle martial art, one that would be pure self defence, create a new awareness and would appeal to the attitudes of today's society.

Fighting Fit Freestyle would adopt the moniker of BJC Freestyle 'Modern', while Zen Do Kai with it's 30 year heritage and 9 forms (aka Kata) would be thought of as the BJC Freestyle 'Traditional'.

This time each body-weapon was divided up and allocated to a coloured belt 'module' and black belts would study Bob's new training techniques known as EPC (Enter, Pass, Control).