FIGHTING FIT - EPC - Enter, Pass & Control

EPC - Enter, Pass and Control

Ju Ming, one of the Peoples Republic of China's most revered artists and sculptors is responsible for these solid concrete blocks (three metres tall) being transformed into the flowing spiritual grace.

Please take some time to gaze into these postures...If you can see or feel energy swirling from left to right, then you have the ability for learning to Enter, Pass and Control...

EPC is the title I have given my latest training mode.

Early in the year 2000, I began serious training every morning at 7am at my house with a bunch of my old mates. The basic rule is fourth degree black belt and above (including 5th, 6th, and 7th degrees).

Due to our higher rank status, none of us are as young as we used to be (although not that much older either) we have named ourselves 'The Wizards Club'.

Due to some of the amazing guests from other 'systems', and some of our own higher ranked visitors, we have come up with some exiting 'new' (new to us anyway) concepts.

Three last century Masters & Honourary Members of the Wizards Club

Three last century Masters & Honourary Members of the Wizards Club

David Brown - 21st Century WizardNaturally, as we become higher ranks (this is generally when 'ordinary folk grow old') the power of our kicks, knees, elbows and fists become harder to maintain. Speed, agility and flexibility slowly takes its toll...This is when your outer (physical) journey of the martial arts has to tread the inner (spiritual) path...[Mans ability to penetrate and unite all things of matter and spirit].

Now with age, comes a different concept of strength.

Thus my higher ranks and I are developing my personal logo (square, triangle and circle) up to the next level.

We walk briskly with square shoulders (entering) into 'any' altercation, within range of the opponent/s being able to strike. At that instant we turn our hips off line, body shaping a triangle using 'the shape' of avoidance (this shape naturally being one of the 'secrets' of the masters).

SENJOAt this point of contact with the predators strike action, we send our (passing) spirit (a 'secret' mixture of self confidence - security, martial - attitude) 'through' our opponents.

Then connecting our physical energy back up with our spiritual energy, we turn around behind our predator, giving us the choice (control) of counter techniques.

After turning (i.e circle of control) we now have covered a 360 degree viewing zone, we are aware that the predator is alone, he's safe, he'll simply fall to the ground suffering no serious injury.

Alternatively, on turning we have observed mass predators all with weapons of mass destruction...This is when the martial arts are not dissimilar to military strategies that have been mans law since the beginning of time.

My square, triangle and circle has me enter, pass, and control allowing me to interllectualize my ability to penetrate and unite all things of matter and spirit.

Except in the above situation of mass predators with weapons of mass destruction -
control becomes kill!