The greatest Ice Hockey player of all time is currently touring Australia promoting what he does best, play his hockey.  What has this to do with Bob Jones Martial Arts? You may well be asking.

Well the number 99 on his left arm is not a bad start as it is my MSI - Ranking Number (Also worn on the left arm) when I train in BJMA – KRAV MAGA & MACFINN SECURITY (This will be explained and have more meaning on the upcoming KRAV MAGA RELAUNCH ‘FREE’ TRAINING WEEKEND and I hope to see all BJMA students and many visitors from other styles at this SEMINAR – guaranteed to be the best self defense instruction ever presented.

Why? Because it is the re-launch of exactly how I taught ZEN DO KAI during the late 70’s and early 80’s for our nightclub work, Rock Concert Weekends and touring the world as International Bodyguards to the rich & famous).

Now, back to Wayne Gretzky – for all of our younger BJMA students especially all of our third millennium Homo evolutis students(i.e. all those students born beyond January 2000) I want you to watch this video of Wayne training as a youth and growing up in Edmonton, Canada. Observe his absolute dedication to his sport. 

“If you can apply this absolute passion to your own martial arts journey, I promise each and every one of you, when you get your Black Belt and journey further into our esoteric Degrees – you will be able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to…”

Now for everybody born before the year 2000 (That includes all of you guys) here is the real connection, his name is Dave Semenko and he was known as the protector, the bodyguard of Wayne Gretzky.  In contrast to Wayne, Semenko was a giant of a man and would punch out anybody who even thought of harming Wayne Gretzky.

The above pictures are typical of how he ‘played’ ice hockey and the following video shows Dave Semenko in the fight of his life:  At a major stadium in Edmonton, Canada he goes toe to toe with Muhammad Ali with yours truly attempting to keep it all sane.  Yes that’s right - Bob Jones referring a Muhammad Ali bout is the connection to this Ice Hockey story.