Soke Richard Norton is in New Zealand and will be working on the set of Spartacus!

He frequently updates his facebook page,

"Hi all, thank you so much for all the well wishes. In Auckland, N Zealand now prepping for Spartacus. Great bunch of people. This will be a fun shoot.The off the the UK for a MA supershow on the 11th of May in Birmingham. Back in Oz on the 16th and then to Namibia to begin the Mad Max, Fury Road production. Shit eh! How good is that? Worst part is I have a little mate so dear to me that I'm going to miss terribly. All good though. Thrilled to have the work."

Bob Jones Martial Arts website will keep you up to date with Soke Richard's amazing activities and when his featured sequences will appear on SPARTACUS!!!

Soke Richard Norton vs Spartacus