The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.

BJMA's David Flood and his Blue Eagle Team in Katherine, NT are one of the facilitators helping these young indigenous men.

Here's some images of them training.

Aaron Smalley & Frankie Ferraro will be heading up to the Northern Territory soon to teach them BJMA-XMA!



Chantal Ober from Katherine in the Northern Territory

Hi Chantal.

How are things with you?



If possible I would like to meet and discuss a new program that I feel your kid’s group boys and girls would be very well suited for.

The name of the program isBJMA - XMA… Bob Jones Martial Arts – X-treme Martial Arts.



XMA is a combination of self defense, gymnastics and dynamic forms all done to high energy music.

I think the kids would love it.

If you could spare me an hour of your time and include anyone else you feel would be appropriate.


I would like to discuss all attributes associated to this XMA program with you guys.

Please check out the Web site and click on the X-TREME MARTIAL ARTS icon for more info.

Please give me a call to discuss. 




Dave Flood
Blue Eagle training and fitness




Chantal Ober from Katherine in the Northern Territory says she knows what it’s like to lack self-worth, inner strength and purpose as a girl.

“I compared myself negatively to a lot of other girls, found it hard to say ‘no’ to my peers and struggled with finding direction. Now that I am comfortable and confident in my own skin, I want to also help other young people on their journey,” Chantal said.

And several years of ‘helping other young people’ is why she is the 2015 NT Young Australian of the Year.

In 2012, YMCA staff were approached by two Katherine girls seeking to establish a “safe, positive and fun support group for other young girls facing similar issues in Katherine,” Chantal said. Subsequently, Chantal became a major driver in the establishment of the YMCA Girls Program.

“I love seeing the self-confidence of the girls boost over the program, the opportunity the girls have to learn and develop as a person, and the amazing relationships that are built,” she said.

“The Girls Program provides a safe space for young girls to have a voice and receive support for relevant youth issues.”

But Chantal’s work in her community does not stop there. As the Australian Government Indigenous Young Member on the 2015 National Youth Week team she is involved in planning this year’s activities. She works part time with Anglicare NT/STANDBY as a Suicide Crisis Response Worker and is currently working collaboratively with the community to lobby for a youth centre in Katherine.

The NT Young Australian of the Year award’s criteria includes having made a ‘significant contribution to the Australian community and nation’ and being ‘an inspirational role model for the Australian community’. Though proud to receive this award, Chantal said she was also humbled by it.

As a young adult, Chantal has many years and opportunities ahead of her. When once asked if she would leave Katherine and go onto bigger and better things, her response was clear:

"No, I'm staying in Katherine! Why can't I do bigger and better things in Katherine?"

There’s the reason why BJMA – XMA wishes to become involved with such a young powerful-positive thinker…