BILLY MANNE, 9th Degree

Billy Manne is a renowned Martial Artist and was for many years bodyguard to the Stars including Paul Mc Cartney and the cast of Dallas.

He is an 9th Degree Black Belt. In addition Billy is a Master Trainer of Kickboxers and an exponent of Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Kendo, and Grappling. He has been studying Martial Arts for over 50 years; since the tender age of six, including a stint in South Africa

However Billy did not truly began his Martial Arts journey until he came under the tutelage of the most famous Australian Martial Artist, Bob Jones. Many experts consider that Martial Arts did not begin in Australia until Bob Jones founded Zen Do Kai.

This is the style of Martial Arts that we proudly teach at Billy Manne Martial Arts. It is the most robust, dynamic and innovative style practised in Australia today. Billy is still proud to be a student of Soke Bob Jones.

One of Billy's great pleasures in life is seeing people evolve and develop as they progress through their Martial Arts career.

Many regard him, in awe, as a truly gifted mentor.

His past students include World Title Contender Sammy Soliman. He has trained, literally, thousands of students.

Billy Manne - Man Behind The Chief