On Monday 6th July we presented Tara Miliata 7th Degree Certification to the best fighter in Lisbon (Probably all of Portugal as well).  He has never done traditional martial arts training but was a famous Portuguese boxer (At the same time I was looking after Joe Cocker, the Rolling Stones and all that crew).  He has always been a top Lisbon boxing trainer (His own son is a current champion).

He is also “THE MAN ABOUT TOWN – IF YOU WANT ANYTHING DONE HE CAN DO IT”.  Orlando J Madaleno is a name both feared and respected by all of town-town Lisbon and up the coast to Porto. His full time school of Boxing, Kickboxing and BJJ is now an affiliated member of BJMA – Europe - Portuguese Division.  He coaches all the boxing, he has young trainers looking after the kickboxing and has very competent grapplers looking after all of the groundwork.

His other claim-to-fame was that as a young man he got all of the most famous matadors super fit for their future careers in the bullring.  Mario Coelho, Eduardo Oliveira and many others really respect this amazing fighter – and now he’s on OUR TEAM.  Better than that, he heads up our TEAM PORTUGAL.

The Chief in Europe – Chasing the Celtic Rainbow...