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After a month in Portugal, I arrived in London...three hours later I was at Stonehenge.

Driving up the West Coast, I looked at megalithic sites all the way up to and across Scotland, up to Thurso, top North Coast.

I got on the car-ferry, crossing over to search out major megalithic sites all around the Orkney Islands.

A few days earlier upon arriving in Northern England on the West coast I ‘discovered’ Castle Rigg, a circle of stones I stood in the center of, they either told me or I simply ‘saw’ that it was a reproduction of Airyana Vaeja (The birthplace of Celtic Aryan culture) – as I stood in the center I took my time (maybe 10 minutes) turning a complete circle and the surrounding mountains intensely covering the entire 360 degrees had me in a ‘DOME’ effect exactly as I documented these Aryan origins in CELTS, for me this was awe-inspiring.

No houses, no people, no traffic, no power lines, no sound except for animals – a mass of interweaving shades of greens and blues filling the mountainous surrounds, low-pressure clouds covering the entire tops of the mountains camouflaged the sky creating the natural ‘DOME’.  A warm day with drizzling rain so fine it did not make me wet.  I stayed an hour or so, I have no idea of the actual time as I knew I was in a total energy-space zone.  The man made granite stone circle (built by the Celts when they arrived from the Celt-Iberian Peninsula 6-7000 years ago) set in this circular low laying valley had me sharing these stones-of-infinity with what I believe to be the God of the Celts, that’s what was awe-inspiring.  Me and God together and it was a Sun-Day just to make it super special.
This is a painting of ‘Castle RIGG’ which I ‘discovered’ in the North of England.  When I turned 360 degrees it was all the same, exactly how I have already described “THE DOME” in “CELTS” with 20 or more pages about what it was like for Aryan Celts living in Airyana Vaeja (i.e Aryans Birthplace) during thousands of years of inter-glacial periods – which I ‘received’ from the RIG Vedas, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita (i.e.This Bhagavad Gita is the ancient version story of Swami Prabhupada with me being his bodyguard in 1974, three years before he was poisoned to death, this is another ‘different’ twenty page story in “CELTS” – “Connecting Europe’s LOST Tribal Societies”) and most recently the Avestas (Which are the writings of Zoroastrianism, the basis of Christianity millenniums before the ‘modern-day’ Jesus character arrived).
My journey also took me to Skara Brae, Broch of Gurness, Maeshowe, Unstan Cairn, Barnhouse Stones of Stromness, Ring of Brodgar and the New Ness of Brodgar (from 6 thousand yrs ago) - Just to name a few of the main sites, but that have further inspired my writing of my epic book “CELTS” – “Connecting Europe’s LOST Tribal Societies” which is now over 700 pages.

All the fun is in travelling, researching, writing, it’s deciding when to finish the book off that is the hard part - then finding the right London Publisher for multiple translations is crucial, French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc.

After ferrying back over to Scotland (meg’ sites everywhere there in the North East), I drove down the East Coast towards London (and yep, more megalithic sites all he way!!!)
It is in Southern Engaland that I briefly touched my Celtic Rainbow (I had already rubbed my Macfinn Cross when I was in ‘Good Company’ at ‘Castle Rigg’) and that’s the reason I received TEN NEW DOJO’s in Southern England who are led by an inspiring young man, Richard Canton – BJMA 6th Degree.
Richard is a very traditional ZEN DO KAI instructor who left Australia almost 20 years ago and teaches almost exactly the same as 30 years ago (Kyoshi Peter Muys will be impressed), he’s opened many clubs – which are now sharing the BJMA - RED DRAGON SYSTEM - BANNER (Kyoshi Jim Friis will be impressed) he’s teaching his higher ranks the intricacies of BUNKAI (Kyoshi Steve Nedelkos will be impressed) and has trained some champion Kickboxers (Soke Bob Jones is already impressed).

He and his clubs are now affiliated under my BJMA – UK - RED DRAGON SYSTEM (i.e. BJMA - Uniting Kingdoms). MORE NEWS ON THIS SOON!
I plan to venture into London central (Westminster Bridge Park) and spend time with Boudicea (Boudicca), and her two daughters and her famous chariot. She reminds me of more recent (only 500 years of history) Grace O’Malley and Joan Of Ark.
These three have definite re-incarnations with earths current goddess heroines, (Pictured Below) Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel and Pamela Geller (Boudicea is definitely re-defined by Pamela Geller today’s most dynamic female warrior complete with her long flaming red hair), these three female warriors risk their lives every day and all have ‘fanatic fatwas’ calling for their deaths.
In the following week I will be catching up with John Courage better known in the industry as "JC" who was the Tour Manager for Fleetwood Mac (One of the best in the business) while I was writing here my friend John Courage suffered an illness and was rushed off to hospital overnight – I will not impose while he is ill – I hope he recovers and contacts me for our catch-up before I return to Portugal and Spain. 
Yesterday I had a four and a half hour lunch with another old mate (Although he’s not so old), Spencer Franks who filmed and produced the DAVE HEDGCOCK ANGLES and the JOHN WAYNE PARR SERIES and many other projects.  He had come to London five years ago for a trip, and wound up staying, have a look here www.spencerfranks.com
During the last five years Spencer has worked on many different projects in many different places as you can see by the above shot, one of his copyrighted photos showing a tribe of Moroccan Warriors going off to battle.
Interestingly, Billy Thorpe’s last project was a controversial album titled;
shot in Morocco and many times he told me how much he loved the place and then said to me in a very serious moment;

“Chief, you have to go to Morocco –they will absolutely love you there” sadly, he never got to tell me why, although I am aware it has to do with my writing CELTS as Thorpie was extremely interested in this Celtic story of mine. 

Out of respect to a long gone (1946 – 2007, 60 years of age) good mate - Morocco is definitely a high priority on my Celtic-go-to list and its easy distance from Portugal). 
A four and a half hour lunch seemed more like ten minutes as we had so much in common to discuss including a five year catch up.  We were at one of the more famous ‘Old English Pubs’ that attracts all the Politicians and well known Entrepreneurs, so either we or they were in good company ahah!  And of course he got the full rundown on UK – KOMBAT “Who Will Win?” (i.e. UK – Uniting Kingdoms).

Almost immediately Spencer hit me with; “This just has to be done in all the really ancient Castles all over the UK” – right then, I knew Spencer was on the team, he knows the industry and just might be able to get the proposal onto the right ‘Directors-Desk’.

Spain and Portugal are both 35 – 38 – to 40+ Degrees every day, hot here but pleasant, I hear Melbourne is a little chilly at the moment!!!



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