XMA – GLOBAL (X-treme Martial Arts – Around the world) and simply known as X-treme throughout Australasia. “Tricking”, (martial arts tricking) is the informal name for this alternative new sport within the BJMA - World of Self Defence. Combining martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics and other athletic activities to create an aesthetic blend of flips, kicks and twists.  As a global sport tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and twists and its highly stylized movements which separate it from all other fighting arts.  An individual who practices “trix for kix” is typically referred to as a “trickster” or “tricker”. 

Tricking incorporates a variety of moves from different arts such as flips from acrobatics and gymnastics combined with the grace, balance and subtlety of ballet.  Multiple self defence kicks from Taekwon-do (Korea), Kara-te (Japan), Muay-thai (Thailand) with butterfly twists from Wushu (China) - while also incorporating double leg strategies from Capoeiro (Brazil). 

X-treme Australia is actually a mixture of virtually taking ‘simply the best’ of all BJMA martial arts styles blended together with high-flying acrobatics and gymnastics and the hottest Hong Kong “Chop-Socky” action.  This is what our youth are seeing on TV, in the movies and on the Internet.  

Now would be as good a time as any for me to mention that this entire new training concept was made possible by the maximum input and total support of Vince Busutill the Victorian State ISKA Representative (pictured below). 

The goal of this new training concept is to take the skills our students already have and take them to these X-treme levels and to challenge the students to become better than they thought possible.  Robert V Jones, creator of X-treme Australasia describes this International Curriculum as:

“The ability to teach and/or perform MODERN highly skilled athletic skills and also the ability to perform basic TRADITIONAL self defense moves and while making them REAL, also making them X-tremely spectacular” 

This is why X-treme training is not only for the elite level athletes and competitors, but also for beginners at the entry level as well.  It’s not only about the MODERN concept of combining punching and kicking with jumping and flipping, but more, drawing from our TRADITIONAL values and showing strength through the mind and body as well as the spirit.  Using only the look in your eyes and the strength of your stance actually shows more power than any punch, kick or flip. That’s the epitome of being X-treme!

With X-treme we train and condition our bodies to test our physical limits, but at the same time we open new windows of the mind exploring amazing realms of creativity.  We also develop mental strength and tenacity (i.e. attitude, psyche) to aid in overcoming all conceivable altercations;

 “Life presents us with many obstacles on all different levels, and X-treme is here to help all new students feel more confident in dealing with these challenges, physically, mentally and emotionally(i.e. spiritual awareness)”.

Exceed all limitations

Achieve what was thought impossible

Break free from tradition

By training with X-treme