Zen Do Kai, Classes

Zen Do Kai classes follow the guidelines of a well structured syllabus and provide a great deal of variety and an excellent physical work out.

Students are able to work and advance at their own pace and are always encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best.

  • Classes can typically include
  • Stretching and warm up
  • Technique and skills development
  • Partner and pad training
  • Self defence applications
  • Group theory (forms and drills)
  • Touch contact sparring
  • Stretching and cool down

For Women

For women in todays society, it is becoming more and more important for them to learn the basics of self defence and to be able to protect themselves.

At a Zen Do Kai class, women can train comfortably in a non-threatening environment and learn techniques specific to their needs, building self esteem and confidence.

They can also share experiences in a supportive and gender specific training enironment.

For Children

Zen Do Kai Instructors, in conjunction with qualified school teachers, have developed a special training syllabus designed especially for young children.

They gain the same benefits and more from martial arts training as adults but it is presented in a way to specifically meet their needs.

Zen Do Kai - "Kidz Kickstart Karate" clubs are springing up everywhere and are proving to be extremely popular with primary school age children.

This innovative program was designed specifically for primary school aged children between 5-13 years.

Partner and Pad Training

Students can practice their techniques and skills in perfect safety on the latest training equipment to further develop

  • Skill development
  • Fitness
  • Safety
  • Grappling and Self Defence

Students learn a complete range of effective self defence techniques from how to kick and punch, to use their knees and elbows and to throw, grapple and/or control an attacker.

Zen Do Kai students are taught awareness and how to defend themselves in a wide variety of potentially dangerous situations.

Group Theory

Through practicing forms and drills we improve our self discipline, timing and co-ordination and develop technique and focus.

Touch Contact Sparring

Sparring is the ideal way to put all of the theory into practice.

We always refer to the people we spar as "training partners" rather than "opponents".

The aim is for sparring to be a mutually beneficial learning experience for both partners.

The emphasis is always on safety, having fun and learning together.

Sparring is a great way to improve your technique, reflexes and fitness as well as develop self-confidence and discipline.