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: Robert Victor (HURRA) Jones (aka Bob Jones)

My most recent Birthday bash (August 25th, 2018) I gave 80 years-of-age a bit of a nudge (Won’t be long now – a wee bit scary, Aye?), as I have always said;

“It’s only a number!!!”


ALMOST 80, FEELING 40, UNHEALTHY 20, As a teenager of 15 and 16 years I thought I knew it all,I had been hanging with a tough crew of teenagers (Well, we all believed we were a bad arsed street-gang) known as THE PHANTOM TWINS. Headed up by good looking, quite handsome in fact, physically fit and well-built from serious weight training. Identical twins, 17-year-olds Billy and Reggie Ball (They were from South Melbourne), their self-imposed gang turf was the square kilometre that surrounds Melbourne’s Central inner-city limits. There’s not the space for any more of a mention than I have already given here (I could have written a book on them and their exploits in the day) they were always exciting, free-spirited and adrenalin charged.

After my ‘within-city-limits’ brief stint with the PHANTOMS, we all moved back out to the suburbs leaving the city nice and respectable with no more teenage “Bodgies or Widgies” (i.e. our ID branding by the Australian Media) on our major streets for the 1956 MELBOURNE OLYMPIC GAMES (Certainly was not our idea but Politically it was Correct). Adapting to my new lifestyle in the northern suburbs, it was not long before I became a typical Australian Rules footy fan eating a steady winter diet (which flowed over into Summer and the sports of tennis and cricket). Featuring a daily big main meal of greasy FISH & CHIPS cooked in batter in overused unhealthy oil, wrapped exclusively in that day’s early edition newspaper, which was called THE SUN. We had two delicious alternating snacks, one was greasy HAMBURGERS before BIG MAC was even thought of in America. These were tidily wrapped in small plain brown paper bags (logos had not yet been created). Our second snack was any amount of MEAT PIES with tomato sauce spread all over the crust (As an extra treat, you could have it topped off with hot mashed potato and peas at ‘HARRY DE WHEELS’, an all-night caravan tourist attraction on the Sydney Harbour Docklands. Another all-night variation in Melbourne was at the bottom end of Flinders St, known as the ‘PIETERIA’). We washed everything down with large (26 ounce sized) brown bottles of Foster’s Lager and Victoria Bitter Beer – we sure drank a lot of these large brown bottles.

17, 18 and early 19 years-of-age was about when it all caught up, that amount of beer had done a number on the liver and at the same time the disgusting junk food attacked my gallbladder – finally developing chronic gallstones. Thankfully it was only minor liver damage. The more serious gallstone health problems lasted two years through 18 & 19 almost living on medical pills, actually they were Charcoal tablets, which really felt and tasted like I was chewing charcoal blocks of soot direct from the inside of a fireplace chimney. Without these tablets I would occasionally have an indigestion attack which would drop me to my knees anywhere anytime with a feeling of being stabbed in my solar plexus – with a very sharp point, felt like a knife stabbing me from the inside trying to get out.

Turning 20, not long after all these dramas and traumas had dissipated, luckily with my health all repaired I had been recently married, resulting with a beautiful red-haired Celtic daughter (Tracey Lee). Another new lifestyle seemed proportionately appropriate. Despite my unfortunate previous health issues, I had joined the entertainment fraternity as a ‘rock n roll’ dance hall promoter. One then two and then three quickly in succession I was in control of three very successful suburban dance venues made me a ‘minor’ player entrepreneur, I was excited I was on the move, getting some good things done.

One then two and then three quickly in succession I was in control of three very successful suburban dance venues made me a ‘minor’ player entrepreneur, I was excited I was on the move, getting some good things happening. These three dances that ran consecutively;

(i)            Every Friday ‘THE BIG ROCK’ (Heidelberg Olympic Games Hall)

(ii)          Saturday nights ‘JAILHOUSE ROCK’ (Coburg Town Hall, in front of the Coburg Pentridge Prison)

(iii)        Eltham School Pavilion Hall ‘LOOKOUT’ on Sunday afternoons between 2 – 5 pm, this humorous name was drawn from the fact the hall was one of only a handful of buildings in all of the Eltham area at this time, it was still BUSHLAND. 

At the peak of all this, two of my best friends ever, Dave Milne (Of Irish descent) and Bill Sabodka (A recent Austrian immigrant), approached me suggesting they wanted to go into business with me. After the shock of why such good friends would think I’d need a partner relationship with all the money coming in from the dances (Plus another very lucrative business I was running at that time – which was the major reason they had decided to make the approach). After they had discussed why they wanted me to give it all up, walk away, they explained the three of us would run a NATION-WIDE SECURITY COMPANY, all this money here wouldn’t even be petty cash. We had a meeting (Late 1963, same day as the JFK assassination) and BOB JONES SECURITY was formed, and within a decade (With the Rolling Stones World Tour) we had gone Global and that is the theme of the story in my informative book of rock n roll touring entertainment with; “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL”


BOB JONES (far left) doing his thing with MICK JAGGER – AUSTRALIA.

STEVIE NICKS (LEAD SINGER OF FLEETWOOD MAC) WITH BODYGUARD BOB JONES during martial arts training at Stevie’s home in beverly hills. LOS ANGELES, USA.


‘LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL’ – A biography regarding protecting everyone within the entertainment industry, starting with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, and two of my best industry friends, Joe Cocker and David Bowie, aka Robert Jones – originally David and I had the same names.

Plus, I toured as personal bodyguard to many more famous bands than I choose to remember without referencing “The Good Times Book’.

Two years afterwards (1965) I met Jack Rozinszky then Tino Ceberano(1966) and thirdly Mr Sal Ebanez (1968), three very important players in the BOB JONES JOURNEY, they were my first three Martial Arts Mentors.

Jack Rozinszky, TinoCeberano and Sal Ebanez

During the next decade my life style will change, and a second and third Global Institutions would come of age; *MMA – *Modern Martial Arts, followed by virtually my creation which I titled WKA – World Kickboxing Association (Now registered in 120 countries). I had also transitioned from minor and emerged as a ‘Major Entrepreneur’…

Where do I really start to tell the BIG picture of what I am about to give to you as a personal present; a comprehensive understanding of how I live my life?

As a 30-few-year-old, I had converted my large house to be a Disneyland Gymnasium theme park for anyone who wanted to be a Martial Arts fighter from a boxer, kickboxer to the UFC (aka, todays UFO) or even to the ultimate role as a; PROFESSIONAL BODYGUARD.

Due to my teenage health scare experience I had purposefully placed anti junk food paraphernalia and positive-prompter training quotes at many strategic points all throughout the living and multiple training areas of what had become known as the; *COMPOUND (*Currently planning a huge one of these for Europe).

During the early 1970’s a 20-year-old protégé who had ‘lived-in-house’ since he was 17, training full time with a passionate desire to become one of Australia’s best STUNTMEN (His name, Glenn Ruehland and he did become one of this country’s best – doing several films with our action star Richard Norton). At the time he was training with me as a live-in protégé, he was also working casual as a personal trainer and had all the health and nutrition clichés down pat. He was responsible for my ‘second awakening’, one morning at breakfast he said in a loud voice with intention of attaching his point of view to my sub-conscious indelibility;

“God Damn – so much Fucking SUGAR, that stuff can kill ya”.

Having set the mood, he declared a friendly challenge; “Look, you are the best-known Martial Artist in Australia and one of the best known in the world. You teach me never to make myself sick like you did when you were my age, well, trust me ‘SUGAR WILL KILL’. You won’t allow us to eat any junk fast-food or sweet tasting soft-drinks, here you are having this Devils-White-Powder in/on everything all day. You gotta kick it! Just try cold turkey and go without any sugar in/on anything for seven days to ten days and see what happens, you will be surprised”, then stating this was how he had recently kicked the habit himself. I did it! And I was pleasantly surprised, after those ten days and for every decade down the track and still today I cannot even stand the smell or sight of it anywhere, in restaurants I ask waiters to remove any containers of it off the table (First JUNK FOOD & SOFT DRINKS THEN SUGAR, the BIG three were taken off the list – and out of my life). Social ‘soft’ drinks, sports drinks and even many fitness drinks are all loaded to the hilt, it’s disgusting, you would think it’d be illegal. I’d proven to myself ‘junk food can kill’ and had the message delivered with profanity for a good cause, ‘sugar will kill’.

After 40, 50, 60 years-of-age during which time I and several friends had put together an extensive Property Developing Portfolio, including a couple of Night Clubs and Restaurants. I always noticed the three things everyone I encountered would always, without fail ask me at least one of;

“Where do I get my constant ENERGY from?” and

“How come I always seemed to be so happy?” plus

“You never change much, you seem to look pretty much the same all the time, other than long hair – short hair?”.

“Well it seems; besides a great nutrition lifestyle I’m always working hard on current projects, making corrections to the last couple of ideas, and you know, always planning some new future projects. I always remain passionate about everything with that old cliché, ‘I really love what I am doing, because I always make sure that whatever I do is my bliss!’”

Now, here appears the most mysterious MIRACLE OF MY LIFETIME, recently I had discovered there was an incredible number of doctors, personal physical trainers, and nutritionists… All unknowingly have been communicating on social media with a scientific proven version of;

‘How I live my life…’ And this incredible group of special people with their special knowledge is expanding exponentially every day.

(This is what gave me the ‘DESTINATION – 160 FLASH, See Part Two)

The realisation was given to me with a lightning burst of energy like I have never experienced before. I now have enough energy to fulfil my very precise 10-year-action-plans for between 2019 and 2028.

If you want to support me in the simplest way you can:

If you read this entire document to the point where you think you would be comfortable answering questions, explaining it to friends or a group of adolescents or academic students, perhaps writing your own brief thesis on how Bob Jones lives his life and how that may nave affected your own psychology, regarding a better people – planet, this being from your own perspective, and how all of us together – can and will make a difference, by changing the current status quo mentality…”

IF is such a small word on its own, but IF you supply it with its acronym you are exposed to the name and the concept many of the best minds in the health and fitness industry, ‘all unknowingly that there is such a strong connection to me’ are speaking at length about;

‘How I have lived most of my entire life as an Intermittent Faster…’


Right now, this is your beginning. At this point, you have read this far, and as you continue reading beyond this point you are ready to become an INTERMITTENT FASTER, simply getting involved by adapting my special Intermittent Concept Experience (ICE): The 12 hours on and the 12 hours off– (Suggested 7.30 am to 7.30 pm as example).

This is where you have the luxury of still having three normal meal times every day. Here, we will share with you the knowledge and ability of improving your food choices during the 12 hours daytime eating window. Having nothing more to eat between these three meal perimeters (i.e. no unhealthy snacks – and nothing beyond 7.30pm and prior to 7.30am). This means during the evening and overnight you are fasting during these twelve hours which of course includes your sleeping time. If you are strict your hunger feelings will soon dissipate. Having only moderate results with (ICE), it won’t be long before you will get serious, deciding to try:

The amazing, 16 – 8 hour window of IF – INTERMITTENT FASTING

Now, what does this entail, well it simply means you are about to enter an entirely new realm of self-improvement, this is “YOUR REAL BEGINNING” of how to follow my lifestyle, most of my BJMA younger instructors sometimes unknowing are already living within, IF,16 – 8 hour window.

This is the simplest way for ANY of YOU to ease yourself into a lifestyle of eating much, much less food, resulting in weight loss (Only when needed, otherwise it converts to energy), having you repairing most of your health problems and feeling much better all of the time and loving it.

These guys and girls can still eat any two combinations of breakfast/lunch and/or dinner during an 8-hour cycle(window). The eight hours window timeframe is also their personal selection based on their BJMA class training/teaching commitment times, and any other lifestyle activities. I know a couple of these young Black Belts that still have their three meals paced within these 8-hours, but they ensure me they can only eat much less at each meal due to this controlled and slightly restrictive timespan.

To get closer to my lifestyle it is better to bite the bullet and decide to drop any one of these three meals, again this is your choice. Let’s say that’s a given, we’ve decided to cut back and eat two meals instead of three and fulfil the IF, 16 – 8 hour window, now I want YOU to understand to make this eight-hour timeframe most suitable to your social obligations.

Let’s see! Who are you? Are you a BJMA Martial Arts teacher or student? Are you parents or siblings of any of these BJMA – Associates? Do you train UFC (UFO) or are you a novice or are you a trainer? Amateur or Professional Combat Fighter? Are you a mother or a single parent with kids having school commitments? Are you a dad who can no longer touch your toes and would like to shed a few, or maybe more than just a few kilos and feel great again? Are you someone who does not like to talk about it as it is so prevalent visually that you are experiencing some form of obesity and you can feel your health and vitality deteriorating? Or are you simply a business man/woman and you have never even met this person Robert V Jones a.k.a Bob Jones giving you all this information?

“Yes, that’s me! but I certainly am going to give this a try as of today”

Perhaps you guys are fitness buffs, sports persons of any level of fitness from World Sports on Global television or even if you are an athlete in training for the Tokyo Olympics? Or perhaps, are you any body from any part of this Planet Earth that has unexplainably even accidentally come across this website; and would like to become involved?

“Yes, I am, that’s me, having read this far into it – I’m interested!”

OK, all of you should start as soon as possible, simply follow the energy as it is written here, keep an eye on where my WORLD TOUR has me travelling to, and when I am in your city, IF you have become a part of this INTERMITTENT FASTING group I would love to catch up.

Have you picked up on the fact that there are no costs involved? You can start as soon as you have read this document! You do not have to go anywhere, no one needs to come to you. You don’t even have to do it, you can walk away right now, you can start up and stop any time, you decide. Everything or nothing, it’s all up to YOU!!!

***You are already about to save valuable time, energy and a rewarding amount of dollars a month on your food bill, and this is just the beginning. OK, can you delete the last paragraph of negatives. On a positive note, even if you are a global athlete anywhere in the world getting ready for the 2020 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, JAPAN – if you haven’t already, it would be in your interest to start this program, NOW!

On this website we have the best available doctors, fitness coaches, sports psychologists, all of them available for advice, information, affirmations. Those of you that participate and make this happen, I will be at all events in Tokyo, I would appreciate a catch up and be a part of you explaining to the media what made the difference, I can concur to them it was our INTERMITTENT FASTING – OMAD WARRIOR PROGRAM and not any illicit drugs.

Ok, we’ve all worked out our ‘eight-hour-window’, now all we do is have our first meal close to the beginning as possible, here you are ‘breaking-your-fast’ (Once you are up and involved you would already have been ‘FAST-ASLEEP’ for several hours some time prior to this point). Eating again at a time most comfortable to enjoy a pleasant meal within the end-time of your 8 – hour window (12 or 1pm until 8 or 9pm is recommended). Beyond this is putting yourself back into, while you have also automatically re-entered yet another; 16 – hour fasting time from 8 or 9pm that night until 12 or 1pm the next day) and as much as 50% of this time could be spent in ketosis (Please research this meaning, all well covered here within this document by our doctors and trainers).

Almost immediately you will start losing a noticeable amount of weight, any minor ailments will start clearing up and you will feel and look better, you will have a lot of extra energy and will have passed through the tired stage and will be waking up earlier than usual ready to fire on all cylinders. You will notice this around the same time as all your friends’ observations have them asking you what is going on? You will have your own replies depending on who it is doing the asking but remember to include any part of the; “BOB JONES JOURNEY STORY” especially or (Both Global) and or (These are Australian content only) and my own history channel –

“Living life Healthier & Longer” so they can personally see what and where and why I am doing my thing on my current…



VISION OMAD, DESTINATION – 160, I’m well on the way at my age being the NEW FORTY, even if YOU are EXPERIMENTING at your real forty-years-of-age or thirty-years either side, this puts you somewhere within our spectrum between a young ten-year-old or a young seventy-year-old. By now you must have realised that how it was explained, the results have been delivered. Hopefully as a return gesture you passed your acquired knowledge from this website onto many of your friends and associates regarding our ICE – Intermittent Concept Experience, 12 – 12 window and the more applicable IF, the 16 – 8 hour window. And I’m sure all of our doctors, personal trainers and nutritionists gave you all the information you may have been requesting. With their constant flow of new-idea videos regarding the latest technology, it certainly appears never ending.

***Depending on timeframes, whether you have been at it already for any amount of time or if you are still reading it all for the very first time, depending on why you want to do this thing for yourself, there are three other challenges for YOU; referred to simply as the;





Welcome to where I live, work and play all day every day, 365 days a year. I have been here for most of my almost 80-Years on earth, with no intention of doing anything different for the next 80-Years, I am far too busy with far too much to achieve and consolidate.

I have my ‘BOOK OF CELTS’, both of my UFO’s Spectacular Reality TV Series and TEAM COMBAT SERIES where all of Europe’s pre-identities Celtic Countries will come together as; UFO – WORLD EVENTS SERIES (Check the European flag out front if you are interested). Is that two or three Projects?

CELTS and UFO’s let’s call it two as I really want to get my third Project up and running within 5 – 7 yrs. I have events planned for 2025 for my new ‘GLOBAL TEAMS EVENTS’ titled ‘CELTIC FASTBALL’, I promise you this will be the fastest, most exciting ball sport on earth and will compete overnight with European Football. Enough of me, back to you, us. Beyond INTERMITTENT FASTING I am now discussing my THREE WARRIORS LEVELS for you to pursue, my invitation is for you to come and do as I do;


OMAD WARRIOR # I – Is our 20 – 4 hour window, it’s a comfortable four hours eating time, how you break up this four hours eating window is entirely up to you. With experimentation you will soon learn to use it wisely.

IF you have been involved in my Intermittent Fasting for any period or if you are involved with any other physical activity that is considered out of the ordinary, or if you are that non training business man that has never even met me, but you are a very positive minded kind of person… then you ALL will apply yourselves systematically and easily adjust to my;

OMAD WARRIOR # I, with the 20 – 4 hour window, ENJOY!!!

My ADVANCED OMAD WARRIORS # II and my WARIOR ‘PEAK’ # III, with their two choices of windows either with the 22 – 2 hour window or the 23 – 1 hour window, either of which is where I spend all my time. Option of WARRIOR # II is great for any EXTRA BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS @ MEALTIME or for that RIGHT SOCIAL DINNER ENVIRONMENT, with that special person. Both OMAD time frames for either # II or # III are of your choosing, whatever your time frame selected it must be held constant for as long as possible, as it suits you (i.e. This simply means try not to be constantly switching).

Hamish Preston (Melbourne, Australia), one of my longest training & highest ranked Australasian Black Belts lives and loves ADVANCED OMAD WARRIOR # II, 22 – 2 hour window for break-fast. From 7 am to 9 am gives him two hours with his wife and kids before school, and work. Most mights of the week he teaches BJMA – *MMA training sessions, where he trains extremely aggressive after fasting all day. Beyond group training and social commitments, he sleeps while continuing his fasting. Waking early to do personal training before he actually BREAKS-HIS-FAST spending those valuable two hours early morning again with family.

I prefer ADVANCED OMAD ‘PEAK’ WARRIOR # III, 23 – 1 hour window (At dinner times between 6.30 – 7.30pm) as I know after all of these many years I am still getting maximum benefit out of my FASTING TWENTY THREE HOURS every day. In fact, it only gets better once a month when I simply eliminate my one meal and fast an extra 24 to 48 hours (Known as the 48 hour, occasionally 72 hour fasting cycles) which I time with each phase of a FULL MOON CYCLE giving me one, two or even three days to choose

Again, for maximum results are my FOUR SEASONS FESTIVAL DRY FASTS are where I get an even bigger energy boost, particularly a Brain-Boost when I fast for a full, much stricter three days (Known as my 72 hours Dry-Fasting Festival cycles i.e. Absolutely NO FOOD and NO WATER; no showers, no cleaning teeth and keeping out of the rain). These occur on each seasonal change, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days here in Celtic Europe being; IMBOLC February (Spring), BELTANE May (Summer), LUGHNASA August (Autumn), SAMHAIN November (Winter). Now, I am comfortably maintaining a constant OMAD PEAK 99% routine I feel indestructible, capable of anything and some. Almost 80, the new 40 – I am planning my 100th Birthday on my way to – 160.


I’ve got you in my sights!!!


This is exactly how my PALEOLITHIC ARCTIC FOREFATHERS fasted back then even before antediluvian times, this is how it was for them, including the Neanderthals and even the lesser known Denisovans.

Three humanoid races, with both the women and the men being equally as aggressive WARRIOR *NOMADS with their *NO MEALS A DAY SURVIVAL – hunter/gatherer mentality. Roaming around this planet together in search of enough food just to survive from day to day, eating much less than their counterparts of today’s modern era. Surprisingly they were all large framed Homo sapiens with exceptional strength, whether they ate meat or berries within their restrictive windows of eating times.

Fear of the unknown, having them constantly on the move maintaining a safe distance beyond the cause of the last Ice-Age. A five-kilometre-thick tsunami mountain of frozen ice, travelling 5 kms per year down from the North Pole (12,000 YBP). Covering 5,000kms in a thousand years engulfing almost fifty percent of the Northern hemisphere.

Some surviving more than another thousand years of the Younger Dryas deep-freeze (11,000 YBP. to 9,640 YBP). Beyond the devastation of mass movement of Earth’s seven major tectonic plates raising valleys & lowering whole mountain ranges across every continent. Devastation beyond the seven meteorite floods (9,640.000 years-ago) having a negative effect on the spinning of Earth’s Axis (Fractionally more than 1.0 whole Degree) resulting with the end of the Younger Dryas phenomenon and yet another Ice-Age.

Beyond this amount of ice melting and raising all oceans of the world more than 120 meters ‘engulfing every coastal city that existed’ at that time (Approximately 8,500 YBP.), when the major proportion of humans lived and died on these ex coasts devastation. After a millennium or so (7,500 YBP.),our Mesolithic Aryan Celts would return after painstakingly repairing themselves, developing a ‘new world’ form of modern agriculture, and this is when our real problems began. We could now grow supplies, enough for everyone.

Long beyond our Neanderthal and Denisovan friends, now sharing with neighbouring Celtic tribes, rather than always squabbling with each other over more food than we needed. The problem here was that we no longer needed our skills for constant travelling, or even a need as ‘hunter gatherers’ – being warriors with skills to kill large game and knowing the correct herbs and the nutritional value of the various forms of plant life. This new world was fine until natural catastrophic conditions continually destroying all crops and food storages.

If given enough time we had one more time, lost our ancient survival skills. Whether planned or accidental this gave cause to another round of scientific explorations of nutritional survival which worked really well until the next catastrophe – then everything returned to; Pre-history nOMADs – walking around all day on One Meal A Day!!!

Neolithic Pagan Celts, now in much less numbers, beyond the time of all central land masses drying up and thrusting much of the world into endless deserts (5,000 years YBP), we already were on the move to the coastal regions and developing satellite urban mini-cities.

With constant birth-rate statistics of these moderate cities, added to all new central farmland immigrants of the day, arriving every day, causing over population of these moderate beachside cities of antiquity. Terrorism of the day being re-invented. Along with cities necessary expansions – this was the start of overcrowded masses of humans living together causing problematic conditions, giving birth to the Druidic concept & scientific development of proper nutritional health;


***We Homo sapiens sapiens eventually survived the times and now everything nutrition wise is gradually being reinvented/rediscovered and improved upon during this 3rd Millennium due to one more time an over exploding population, aiming its current sights at eight billion on our way to 12 and then 20 billion – sooner than we think.

21st Century, right now, today we already see global evidence we are fast running out of food – one attempt at a solution presented here is that we all need to start to eat much less.

As in those days of antiquity we are currently also experiencing a potential natural catastrophe of Global Warming Continuance which many of us are either ignoring or we refuse to acknowledge its catastrophic potential. As if these two problems are not traumatic enough, as with every day they are joining forces and gaining momentum power (More people, less food).

We are also facing a potential World War III with either the Islamic Terrorists and their back-to-the-desert mentality – or option two, where our AI (Artificial Intelligence) is gearing us towards inter-galactic-space-travel while, as Robots, they’ve already surpassed our intellect and are currently, right now, surpassing our abilities.


First God disassociated the Red Dragon from the ‘GARDEN OF EDEN’ as an outcast, then he sent the image of Saint George to continue to do battle with this notorious Dragon – but the Dragon always survives, and the Celtic Ideology continues to expand throughout the modern world with a new global identification of …




OK, it is now 3 – 6 – 9 or 12 months down the track, your health has never been better – you have never felt better. You have regularly been trying my full-moon fasting and even occasionally you excelled with one or two of my full 72 hours FOUR SEASONS FASTS! What never ceases to be amazing is that all these results you have been achieving are due to OMADFAST, which all comes about from eating less. If you desire to take all of this to the ultimate test, you can try…


Simply stop eating altogether! If you decide to try fasting for 1 – 4 months, 5 – 8 months, 9 – 12 months, this can be easily achieved through OPTIFAST! If you are planning beyond 12 weeks ‘extreme fasting’, you will need to research the product extensively. Be in touch with your local Doctor. OPTIFAST can be purchased from many pharmacists supermarkets, or simply from the OPTIFAST website. If you are on any medication it is very important to consult your doctor prior to commencing the OPTIFAST EXTREME PROGRAM. I also recommend that OPTIFAST be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional such as a Pharmacist, Doctor, Specialist or Accredited Practising Dietitian. It does work!!!














‘That Sugar Film’ follows Gameau’s experiment on himself, changing from his normal diet containing no refined sugar, to a ‘health-conscious’ diet low in fat but high in sugar, equivalent to 200 grams (40 tsp) of sugar per day.

As a result, Gameau gained weight, grew lethargic developing fatty liver disease. The sugar diet was selected such that his calorie intake was not increased from his normal diet.Interviews with experts attribute this change to the high level of sugar he is ingesting, and in particular suggest that fructose may be the main culprit. It is suggested that artificial sweeteners may be no better.

The viewers are introduced to the “bliss point”, a term coined in the 1960s which applies here to the amount of sugar you can add to a food to make it optimally desirable. Adding more sugar beyond the “bliss point” leads to significant drop in desirability.

Following the experiment, he returned to his previous diet, and the ill effects are largely and quickly reversed.

As well as Gameau in the lead, the cast includes Hugh Jackman, Stephen Fry, Isabel Lucas, and Brenton Thwaites. Gary Taubes, along with Michael Moss and Dr Kimber Stanhope gave interviews which are included. Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel and Florence and the Machine feature on the soundtrack. Gameau’s partner, actor Zoe Tuckwell-Smith appears in the film whilst pregnant with their daughter, Velvet, who makes an appearance after being born during production.


This is by far the next most important step either before or soon after commencing INTERMITTENT FASTING. It’s important for you to set up a section on your computer and file all suitable information as your own personal Keltic Nutrition Program.

A little input from me from the Mediterranean – Featuring fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, nuts, the odd glass of red wine, fish and dairy, and olive oil as the main source of fat, this Mediterranean food format is well-known as one of the world’s healthiest, certainly suits me at this time, while I am here in Lisbon.



It is important to understand I, Robert V Jones (aka. Bob Jones) designed the first ever “KELTOGENIC NUTRITION PROGRAM” as a personal aid for myself.

You now, need to develop your Keltogenic Nutritional Program for yourself, we as individuals are all very different with different needs. There are a multitude of professionals out there willing to help everyone, simply format any question you can think of and then Google.

You can gain any amount of knowledge, many of them are listed here on will get you on your way… On these different websites, you will have access to all your questions regarding keltogenics.

From your choices and trials, you will learn what to eat, what not to eat and what to eat more of and less of. They will teach you an overview of INTERMITTENT FASTING, that will take your metabolism, your health to a whole new level – while dissipating any excess undesirable weight!!!


Get ready to make a lot of notes, it will be important to compile them on your computer collection as these experts will supply varying amounts of information for you to learn to eat for your health.

Although ehre, I am advocating eating much less quantity it is time for the entire world to wake up… We must eat for health!!! This means we eat to nourish our bodies, we eat to get nutrients.

Practically speaking, we will all show you how to get all your required nutrients as you develop your personal best nutrient dense foods as a part of your personal KELTOGENIC MEAL PLAN.

This way you can create some serious health as you lose weight. Who wants to lose weight and look unhealthy? – no one does, right!

When any person shifts from sugar burning to fat burning, their cells literally must switch over in biological machinery. The new cells require greater amounts of B-vitamins, great amounts of minerals. In fact, there are certain nutrients that can help correct insulin resistance and speed things up: potassium, magnesium, chromium, B1, B3, B5, Vitamin A, C and D. And once your cells improve in absorbing insulin, nutrients will also be absorbed much more too. Insulin resistance also blocks nutrients from being absorbed. This becomes an absolute WIN/WIN situation.

You’re possibly asking about the keltogenic correct foods, right?

The thing to keep in mind is to choose foods low in sugar. This would be avoiding fruits, especially apples, with 19 grams of sugar, we don’t need it. Most all vegetables are acceptable except corn and soy. Make sure you do not buy lean or low-fat proteins or foods. We want the fat, we don’t want the carbs.

Normally meat and other proteins come with fat so eat them in their whole form. At the meal, we want to add healthy fat: grass-fed cheese, olives, avocado, coconut oil or preferably MTC – oil (Great solution for that loose skin left behind after losing excess weight), nuts, nut butter, grass-fed butter and even keep the skin on the chicken and fish if you can.

In addition to these Keltogenic correct foods, here are plenty of products to mix and match with your fresh and healthy low starch vegetables.

There are loads of low starch vegetables to choose from such as alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, bean sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, lettuce (all types), leeks, mushrooms, onions, radish, shallots, silver beet, snow peas, spinach, squash, tomatoes, watercress, and zucchini. Try shopping at your local farmers’ markets to get the freshest in-season products at the most reasonable pricing.

This information at the very least will get you started, up and running

FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITES, YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK OUT ‘Ketogenic Diet Resource?’ – (Sorry about their spelling Keltogenic).

Simply visit as it is a resource for beginner and seasoned ketogenic Food Planners (Oops! there’s that spelling difference again).

For years, Dr. Eric Berg DC. has specialized with weight loss through nutritional and natural methods.

He is widely published in trade magazine and in 2017 he published “The New Body Type Guide.” Check him out!

ANYWAY YOU CAN: Doctor Annette Bosworth Shares Her Mom’s Cancer Journey in this book: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO KETONES FOR LIF

“As a doctor the number one question I get from patients when they are faced with a scary choice in medicine today, ‘Doc, what would you do?’ This is the story of what happened when my 71 year old mother was dying of cancer. Tim Ferriss saved her life. This story will save yours,” Annette Bosworth, MD. In ANYWAY YOU CAN, Dr Bosworth shares her ‘accidental’ discovery of ketosis and its wide array of health benefits as she supplemented her mom’s chemotherapy with ketones. Her story of courage, faith, and tenacity helps young and old achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health through ketosis. Dr Bosworth inspires patients to become stewards of their own health through her leadership skills, public speaking and “sticky teachable moments.” When patients ask how to turn around their chronic health problem, she answers “Fight it ANYWAY YOU CAN. Ketones for Life.” Dr. Annette Bosworth.

Dr Jason Fung, (Visit:

Definitely another of my favorites, he seems well in tune with the theory presented by my BOOK OF ‘CELTS’ – ‘Connecting Europe’s LOST Tribal societies’ where Intermittent Fasting was connected for many thousands of years to these ancient Warriors from Palaeolithic, Mesolithic & Neolithic Celtic ‘nOMADs’ Societies.

“It is the oldest & most powerful dietary intervention imaginable”

Intermittent fasting – isn’t that starvation?

No! Fasting differs from starvation in one crucial way. Control. Starvation is the involuntary absence of food. It is neither deliberate nor controlled. Fasting, on the other hand, is the voluntary withholding of food for spiritual, health, weight-loss, or other reasons. Food is easily available, but you choose not to eat it. Fasting has no standard duration, as it is merely the absence of eating. Anytime that you are not eating, you are fasting. For example, if you have a big breakfast starting at 8 am (As we have been taught this breakfast is the most important meal of the day) – a moderate lunch around 1 pm – and a big dinner at 6.30 pm to 7.30 perhaps 8.00 pm with one, two, three or more sweet tasting snacks between these three meal times is said to be normal – the only problem with this – OBESITY is also the new NORM. Now you may fast between dinner (8.00 pm) and breakfast the next day (8.00 am), a period of approximately twelve hours. In that sense, fasting should be considered a part of everyday life. I have given this lifestyle a new name ‘ICE’ – ‘Intermittent Concept Experience’. All you have to do is cut out the snacks, make healthier food choices and you are on your way to becoming an OMAD – WARRIOR down the track!!!

It is the oldest and most powerful dietary intervention imaginable?

Consider the term “break-fast”. This refers to the meal that breaks your fast – i.e. that time you just spent ”fast-asleep” which is done daily. Rather than being some sort of cruel and unusual punishment, the English language implicitly acknowledges that fasting should be performed daily, even if only for a short duration. Fasting is not something queer and curious, but a part of everyday, normal life. It is perhaps the oldest and most powerful dietary intervention imaginable. Yet somehow, we have forgotten its awesome power and ignored its therapeutic potential. This section of text is most powerful for our YOUTH, any age Under 12 Years.

Learning how to fast properly gives us the option of using it or not

How does fasting affect your brain?

Serious fasting makes it very difficult to carry excess weight?

Mental sharpness increases during fasting?

Fasting and neuro-degenerative diseases?

Fasting might prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Long term… will certainly assist in longevity?

: Dr Jason Fung MD (Visit:






I have introduced you to three of my many doctors to prepare you with your personal KELTOGENIC NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM.

Here I personally recommend Edward V, a great overall nutritionist, technical advisor, trainer, coach, a ultimate OMAD WARRIOR. He also makes regular video tapes, watch any one of his productions.

They are all ‘simply the best’, if you get the opportunity watch his whole series out of… fledge

He also covers everything we would ever need to know. If he hasn’t covered it already, you know damn well he soon will with his future ongoing videos!!!






All exercises can be done at home if you have the appropriate home gym equipment. A medical examination and clearance is wise if you’ve been sedentary for a lengthy period. Take care with injured or dysfunctional joints. Get medical advice before starting weight training if this applies to you.

There are literally thousands of workout styles, so complex it can be quite difficult putting a routine together for yourself. Just as you get a system down the experts tell us to change it all to SHOCK the muscle groups.

For myself, I like to work one particular body part per training session. All with five different exercises using ‘five-sets’ of ten repetitions or more than ten reps if anytime the weights feel lighter. Please feel free to use these ideas until you have enough knowledge to develop a PERSONAL regime.

  • BACK
  • ARMS
  • LEGS

REST – always have one or two complete days off before starting again. The above workout is completed in ‘one-hour’. I alternate weekly with a heavier routine for my SHOCK results. I increase the weights (10 – 15%) while doing ‘three-sets’ using only ‘five repetitions’ or less if occasionally the weights prove to be too heavy. This workout is timed to a maximum of ‘half-an-hour’, preferably less. Now another one or two days off!!!


The blank slate hypothesis has fallen. Everyone comes into this world imbued with attributes, characteristics, and predilections that are uniquely theirs.

We’re all humans, but we’re a diverse bunch, and that makes it interesting. And though it also makes giving cookie cutter health advice impossible, I just take that as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and provide actionable advice that genuinely helps real people.

A perfect example is biological sex. Anyone who’s lived with the opposite sex, been married, or had kids of different sexes knows that males and females are different – on average. There’s a ton of overlap, don’t get me wrong. We all need fat, protein, and carbohydrates. We all have the same requirements for sustenance and wellness. We all breathe oxygen, get stronger and fitter when we work out, use the same neurotransmitters, and produce the same hormones. The biological basics are identical.

It’s the details that differ. And matter.



By Helen Kollias

Some women who try intermittent fasting experience missed periods, metabolic disturbances, and even early-onset menopause. Sure, it can work for some women. But here’s why intermittent fasting could be bad — even counterproductive — for your goals.

Just like this Bob Jones Journey… For as long as I can remember, my dad has eaten once a day. Once. In the morning he gets up and drinks black coffee. That’s it — no eggs, no cereal, no muffin.

Lunch: more nothing.

For supper, he eats a decent-sized meal at home.

The whole thing is even more impressive considering that Dad owns a restaurant!!! As a kid, I shrugged it off. Dads do crazy stuff (at least he didn’t play the accordion). He was always in great health, and at 74, he still is in great health today.

My mom couldn’t be more different. She’s at the break-fast table within an hour of waking up, never willingly misses lunch or supper, and if the time between meals gets too long, she fixes herself a snack. She’s the kind of person who keeps almonds in her car just in case she starts to feel peckish while she’s out and about. I won’t say how old Mom is, but she’s also in great health, and always has been.

Years ago, as I began to immerse myself in a career dedicated to the study of nutrition and sport, I started to wonder: How can two people who eat so differently be so similarly healthy?

Back then, I had no idea that my father (Like Robert V Jones a.k.a. Bob Jones) was decades ahead of his time — a kind of pioneer of a now super-buzzworthy eating plan called INTERMITTENT FASTING.

There’s evidence coming to light that ‘IF’, when done properly, might help regulate blood glucose, control blood lipids, reduce the risk of coronary disease, manage body weight, help us gain (or maintain) lean mass, reduce the risk of cancer, and more.

***We even published a recent article suggesting it could help us live longer and stronger.

So, naturally, a lot of people are trying it. An accompanying trend that’s emerged: While some women who try ‘IF’ say it’s the best thing that’s happened to them since grapefruit, others report serious problems, including binge eating, metabolic disruption, lost menstrual periods, and early-onset menopause. This has happened in women as young as their mid-20s.

Maybe my mom was on to something. Maybe ‘IF’ is totally different for women than for men.


In the grand scheme of your life’s health decisions, experimenting with ‘IF’ seems tiny, right? Unfortunately — for some women, at least — it seems like small decisions can have big impacts.

It turns out that the hormones regulating key functions like ovulation are incredibly sensitive to your energy intake.


In both men and women, hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis — the cooperative functioning of three endocrine glands — acts a bit like an air traffic controller.

  • Firstly, hypothalamus releases gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH).
  • This tells the pituitary to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH).
  • LH and FSH then act on the gonads (a.k.a. testes or ovaries).
  • In women, this triggers the production of estrogen and progesterone — which we need to release a mature egg (ovulation) and to support a pregnancy.
  • In men, this triggers the production of testosterone and sperm production.

Because this chain of reactions happens on a very specific, regular cycle in women, GnRH pulses must be very precisely timed, or everything can get out of whack.

GnRH pulses seem to be very sensitive to environmental factors and can be thrown off by fasting. Even short-term fasting (say, three days) alters hormonal pulses in some women. There’s even some evidence that missing a single regular meal (while of course not constituting an emergency by itself) can start to put us on alert, perking up our antennae so our bodies are ready to quickly respond to the change in energy intake if it continues.

Maybe this is why certain women do just fine with ‘IF’ while others run into problems!!! This is the exact reason I created my ‘ICE’ Program of 12 – 12 hour window (as well as our younger enthusiasts)



If you have had an injury or are in pain, please tell your instructor, or your parents and see a doctor before starting or continuing any martial arts and/or physical fitness program.

If you are under the age of 12 and you are not a member of BJMA – *MMA and simply want to follow the Bob Jones Life-Plan, then read this “How I live my life? – My Gift to YOU!” and then again with one or both Parents… By now, they will have already started!!!

TARA,TARAN & TARANIS (A wise old Highlander Druid disguised in a body of a canine to protect him from Evil forces of the Lowlands, here on Planet Earth) – Three cartoon characters – sister, brother & an entire Global Family related to the French Asterix & Obelix (Please Google) Celtic Family, a favourite project of mine for 2020.

ICE – Intermittent Concept Experience: 12 hours on and 12 hours off, (Suggested window 7.30 am 7.30 pm as example)

This is where you have the luxury of still having three normal meals at your normal time frames every day. Here, we will share with you the knowledge and ability of improving your food choices during the 12 hours daytime eating window. Having no snacks at all – nothing more to eat between these three meal perimeters and nothing beyond 7.30 pm and prior to 7,30 am. During these fasting-times no junk-food, no junk-drinks or any excess sugars anywhere. Here you have to be very careful when eating anything from the Super Market Shelves with their processing procedures including sometimes, misleading to false labelling re sugars.

This means during the evening and overnight you are fasting during these twelve hours which of course includes your sleeping time. If you are strict your hunger feelings will soon disappear, allowing you to fully appreciate all of the health attributes connected to proper fasting.

“Hey, all you kids getting involved with me on this very important issue – remember, ‘anytime’ you are ‘not eating’, you are ‘actually fasting’… it is a natural part of living, this has to be learned to be embraced”

Any Age Under 12 years-of-age are most suitable for my ‘ICE’ – PROGRAM, that is the ‘Intermittent Concept Experience’ with a 12 – 12 hour window, much of which is covered by sleep-fasting time. You guys/girls can do your own research (With Parents approval & guidance).

Whenever there are fasting sessions being promoted e.g. Monthly FULL MOONS or quarterly FOUR SEASONS CELTIC FESTIVALS etc, and you hear I am doing extended hours of fasting e.g. 24, or 48 or 72 hours, and sometimes much, much longer CELEBRATION HERO/HEROEN FASTS. Then I would hope the YOUTH MOVEMENT can support me with the following time-frames being either equal to me or two thirds of what I am doing, with the youngest achieving one third of my particular times…

Under 12 years-of-age, the same time frame as me, 72 hours (Or longer)

Under 9 years-of-age, two thirds, 48 hours

Under 6 years-of-age, one third, 24 hours (From 7.30 am until 7.30 am the next day when the morning meal ‘breaks-their-overnight-fast’).

PLEASE NOTE: My fasting is ‘no eating’, sometimes ‘not drinking’ while they’re fasting is overnight while sleeping. the difficulty for them is abstaining from JUNK, plus all unhealthy SUGARS. Here on my personal website, they do need to feel this is their Journey of Self Discovery as they give up @&!!#** SUGAR, Junk Food and Junk Soft Drinks, they will enjoy fasting with all its health and self-esteem attributes, all excess body-fat (If there was any to begin with) will soon be a thing of the past.

I suggest by 13 years-of-age they are ready for ‘Intermittent Fasting’, my two meals a day IF, 16 – 8 hour window.

Anyone 16 years or older are ready to challenge any of my THREE WARRIOR LEVELS particularly WARRIOR LEVEL #1, the 20 – 4 window.

IF this is too soon for some, simply pull back to where they were and try again when they turn 18 or even 21.

My dream is to build a Global Unison of Youth, eventually passing through all my Intermittent Fasting – One to Five Levels as you all grow together building a 21st Century extremely fit & healthy army of;together building a 21st Century fit & healthy army of








Comedian George Carlin, 71 R.I.P, whose staunch defence of free speech in his most famous routine (1972) “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” led to a key Supreme Court ruling on obscenity, he died on Sunday June 22, 2008. In another ground-breaking performance, Carlin served as host of the “Saturday Night Live”.

Joan Rivers, my favorite female comedian – noted for her often controversial comedic persona – either heavily self-deprecating or sharply acerbic, especially toward celebrities and politicians.

Rivers rose to prominence in 1965 as a guest on The Tonight Show. Hosted by her mentor, Johnny Carson, the show established Rivers’ comedic style. In 1986, with her own rival program, The Late Show with Joan Rivers, Rivers became the first woman to host a late night network television talk show. She subsequently hosted The Joan Rivers Show(1989–1993), winning a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Since the mid-1990s, she became known for her comedic red carpet awards show celebrity interviews, and in 2009, she was the Celebrity Apprentice Winner. Rivers co-hosted the E!celebrity fashion show Fashion Police from 2010 to 2014 and starred in the reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? (2011–2014) with daughter Melissa Rivers. She was the subject of the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (2010). In 1968, The New York Times television critic Jack Gould called Rivers “quite possibly the most intuitively funny woman alive”.

In 2017, Rolling Stone magazine ranked her sixth (behind Chris Rock, Louie C.K., Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor) on its list of the 50 best stand-up comics of all time, and in October the same year, she was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.


THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE is a free audio and video talk podcast hosted by American comedian, actor, sports commentator, and television host Joe Rogan. He has a super strong martial arts training background – BJJ.

It was launched on December 24, 2009 by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban who also produced and co-hosted. It has grown to become one of the world’s most popular podcasts.


THE GREATEST EXTINCTION THREAT we face TODAY is not asteroids or climate change or disease or famine. It’s society’s refusal to heed the warnings of scientists.

The closest Mr Tyson ever comes to *MMA training is when he announces he does not bite ears off – but he does talk them off!


LONDON REAL – THE VIDEO TALK SHOW that introduces you to the most fascinating people on the planet.

Each week Brian Rose interviews someone at the top of their game and give you the inside look at how they achieved their success, and how you can take your health, wealth, and relationships to the next level. Like Joe Rogan, Brian Rose has a very strong martial arts back ground ranging across many years of dedicated training.

In over 500 episodes he’s spoken to Hollywood actors, members of parliament, and CEOs of billion-dollar companies to learn the ingredients of greatness that you can apply to your life.

Join our community of over 500,000 people, become the BEST YOU



Christiane Amanpour

Currently working as CNN’s Chief International Consultant, Christiane Amanpour is most widely known for her up-close coverage of the Middle East, beginning with the Gulf War in 1990. She is widely recognized as one of the most influential international correspondents in the world, due partly to her willingness to report from dangerous situations, usually in war-torn areas.

Amanpour began her journalistic career with CNN, covering events in Germany that signalled the end of the Cold War. She got her “big break” during the Gulf War as one of CNN’s most recognized correspondents. She later covered the conflict in Bosnia and has since been famous for reporting from active war zones. Amanpour has also seen controversy, however. She has interviewed the late Yassar Arafat, as well as current President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, both of whom had less-than-friendly views toward the US and its allies. The latter interview caused some to fear for her life, since as a young child she and her family had fled from Iran, her native country. What Christiane Amanpour has contributed, however, and continues to contribute, is a bold and honest look into some of the most difficult situations in the world. She also stands as an example of the strength, courage, and character that a woman journalist can have in the tensest of situations.



Can anyone reading this get UFC’s PRESIDENT – the invincible Mr Dana White to try at least the INTERMITTENT FASTING – The challenge is to get the chance to discuss with him the health & aging attributes. It would be a dream come true having him involved in UFO

WE don’t need any of his money – We need his energy and his knowhow!!! I need to keep the Machine Moving as I have three of my ideas being set up to commence during 2020.


Dana White, President of the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Challenge has just delivered one of his Greatest Speeches ever narrated, titled;

“This is how I made $4.2 Billion and the UFC –

Today is worth $7 + Billion”


SAM HARRIS – ‘simply the best’

Samuel Benjamin Harris, one of my favourites, on a quiet day I can watch him on U-Tube for any amount of time. He is always interesting with I think his major abilities being in his debating skills and quick academic response times during verbal altercations.

Sam is an American author, philosopher, neuroscientist, critic of religion, blogger, public intellectual, and podcast host. His work touches on a wide range of topics, including rationality, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, philosophy of mind, politics, Islamism, terrorism, and artificial intelligence.

He is described as one of the “Four Horsemen of Atheism,” together with Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Daniel Dennett.

Sam Harris, the public intellectual has an interesting hobby and amateur sport, he is an ardent fan and serious follower of martial arts in general, having a major interest in BJJ – Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He has written some very interesting martial arts papers…


With THE PLEASURES OF DROWNING Sam Harris compares ground sparring with a BJJ expert is like being in the deep end of a pool and you barely know how to swim.

I have no idea how many videos featuring SAM HARRIS I have watched over many years (Not as many as I have watched of Christopher Hitchens), following his career making appearances with so many of my other mentors.

I do recommend this BEST OF to witness his serious intellectual debating manipulations and his general style;





Stephen Hawking (R.I.P March 14th, 2018) – Michio Kaku (String theory) – Wallace D Wattles ( – Lawrence Kraus – Daniel C. Dennett – Richard Dawkins – Alec Baldwin (aka Donald Trump) – Professor Jordon Peterson – Stephen Fry – Elon Musk (TESLA) – Brian Greene – Sean Carrol – Stephen Pinker – Robert Lanza (NOW-DEATH) – Bill Nye (Big BANG Theory) – Carl Sagan (R.I.P November 20th, 1996) – Russell Brand – Dan Pena (London REAL Movie of the 50 BILLION DOLLAR MAN) – Milo Yiannopoulos – Peter Joseph (ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT) – Jacques Fresco (VENUS PROJECT) (R.I.P Born March 13th 1916, Passed Over on May 18th, 2017), –

Plus, some of my ‘PROTECTING THE WORLD TODAY’ researchers;

Geoffrey Robertson (The Case Of The Pope) – Douglas Murray –Matt Dillahunty – Bill Maher (RELIGULOUS) – Jon Stewart – Alex Jones(INFOWARS) – Jesse Ventura (Ex Pro Wrestler who was the 38th Governor of Minnesota) – Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch)– Jamie Glazov ‘GANG’ – Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Brigitte Gabriel – Pamela Gellar – Lauren Southern – Alisyn Camerota – Katie Hopkins (An English media personality & conspiracy theorist.  Absolutely fearless when she is defending our human rights and anything else ISIS/ISLAM is attacking and attempting to destroy).

Tommy Robinson ‘ENEMY OF THE STATE’, today’s most recent victim of ongoing Public Media scrutiny & British Governmental persecution. A true modern-day Warrior, who will in the very near future wind up either Politically assassinated (DEAD) – or the leader of a really amazing new-world-revolution.

Plus, some ‘Antediluvian’ researchers for my BOOK OF CELTS;

Linda Moulton Howe (The First Lady of UFO’s) – Professor Ranko Kuic (Renowned Celtic historian of Slavic studies, she wrote a 5,000 page documentary) – Jordon Maxwell (Spirit Of The Universe & Pre Historic Druids) – Graham Hancock – Randall Carlson – Robert M Shoch – Robert Bauvall – Erich Von Daniken – Michael Shermer – Rupert Sheldrake – Zecharia Sitchen – David Icke – Giorgio A Tsukarlos (Ancient Aliens) – Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archaeology) – Terence Mckenna (MK ULTRA) – Zahi Wawass – David Hatcher Childress – David Wilcock – Roland Emmerich – Dennis McKenna – Brien Foerster – Julio Tello (1929 Discovered 300 long skulled Druids in Peru, known as Paracus Skulls) – Michael Tellinger (Central and South African Celtic Discoveries) –

Bob Jones refereeing Ali and Semenko – WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Tommy Robinson (UK) ‘ENEMY OF THE STATE’, today’s most recent victim of ongoing Public Media scrutiny & British Governmental persecution. A true modern-day Warrior, who will in the very near future wind up either Politically assassinated (DEAD) – or the leader of a really amazing new-world-revolution.


Cole Robinson (Canada) ‘ENEMY OF THE PHARMASEUTICAL IND’, no relation to Tommy Robinson but together unknowingly they are both about to change the Planet. Cole the ‘ABSOLUTE UNCROWNED KING-OF-DRY-FASTING’, capable of showing anyone/everyone how to heal themselves of almost any ailment – absolutely for FREE!!! They will both be successful unless either suffer from unforeseen heart attacks, falling off a high building or more blatantly, a bullet!!!


Right now, I am continuing on a World Tour developing interest in my Intermittent Fasting & OMAD World Wide Fasting Program, and support for a new book I have written about the history, mythology of the CELTS. Plus, UFO – REALITY TV SERIES & UFO – TEAM COMBAT SERIES and my very exciting project, CELTIC-FASTBALL. There’s my work ethic, right there, I always do and enjoy things in threes, everything…

During my 70’s and now becoming ALMOST 80 and absolutely nothing seems to be slowing down, Tracey had grown up, got married, had three kids who are now all grown up themselves and about to repeat that process, suddenly I realized I don’t even know my own grandchildren. I began to further investigate myself looking for symptoms of why I appeared to live so differently to everyone I knew and had met recently or in the past.

***This current World Tour since October 2017 I have been in Mexico, and Salt Lake City – USA, then from January 2018 ‘all countries’ of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia, Croatia, checking the pyramids of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Monte Negro then in July spent time in Southern Germany’s Black Forest with my daughter Tracey, with her driving our hire car on the other side of the car, and on the other side of the road. That was as much fun as I have had for a long while, council roadworks repairers placing detours everywhere had us driving lost for three days, but we did manage to find the Celtic megaliths we were looking for. Three whole days and we not once, stopped laughing together, I hope to do that a lot more often in the future. Plus, as we were spending time in the BLACK FOREST, I had a chance to introduce my daughter to two of my favourites, Arminius and Thusnelda, two German Celts from two thousand years ago. Arminius was an amazing TUETON CELTIC OMAD WARRIOR.

***Here is Arminius, on his way off to do battle with the Romans. With him is Thusnelda, his life partner. Both displaying their physical prowess, large framed bodies, fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair as verification of their original homeland, AIRYANA VAEJA Arctic Celts. This Celtic couple have counterparts throughout all of Eurasia; Boudicca – Brittanii, UK. Viriato – Both Lusitanians and Gallesians i.e. Portugal & Spain. Vercingetorix – Gaul’s i.e. France etc. This continues from country to country, always having very unique Celtic Hero stone statues on display in the most prominent places. Plus, every country of Europe has a Celtic Connection, history & culture.



Boudicca became queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe after the Romans murdered her husband, Prasutagus. Confiscated their properties. Violently raping her two daughters in front of her while severely assaulting her.

For these reasons Boudicca devoted her life to be forever at war with the Roman Empire causing much havoc. She is considered to be the most notorious of all British folk heroes.


King of a British Celtic tribe called the Iceni, who inhabited roughly what is now Norfolk, in the 1st century AD. He is best known as the husband of Boudicca. He was unpopularly known to be sympathetic towards Roman Ideology.



Viriatus was also known as Viriato in Portuguese and Spanish; died 139 BCE by poisoning. During his lifetime he was the most important leader of the Lusitanian people that resisted Roman expansion into the regions of western Hispania.

This Roman province spread over areas comprising most of Portugal(the northernmost part was included in Gallecia), all of Extremaduraand the province of Salamanca. Its eastern frontier reached the proximities of Toletum.

Viriatus developed alliances with other Iberian groups, even far away from his usual theatres of war, inducing them to rebel against Rome. He led his army, supported by most of the Lusitanian, Gallecian and Vetton tribes as well as by other Celtiberian allies, to several victories over the Romans between 147 BCE and 139 BCE culminating in his unfortunate date with death.


Vercingetorix c. 82 bce–46 bce was king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe; he united the Gaul’s in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Vercingetorix was the son of Celtillus the Avernian, previous leader of these Gallic tribes.

Later in 2018 – And I’m back in my second home, Lisbon & Algarve – Portugal planning to shortly head off to the Scandinavian Peninsula. The worlds birthplace for the pre-historical arrival of the Arctic Celts all throughout Norway, Sweden and Finland, I’ve planned to extensively visit these three areas. Thinking overtime, I realised I knew a lot more about all those countries, all those NOMADIC WARRIORS and their megalithic Celtic sites than I knew about my own family. Just prior to this current tour, I had spent a lot of time in the BJMA HEAD OFFICE environment at my headquarters in Epping, Australia. Always busy never seeming to get everything done and loving it! Then I thought; ‘Happy during construction, seems I’m more than happy with all of the work, putting the BIG Picture together, that’s certainly different’. During this office-time while self-analysing myself, the next thing I noticed was that whenever I travelled with any sized group of other people, the next day I could not eat breakfast or lunch with them and I would simply have a large glass of lemon-based water. With any group there is a sharing of so much ‘junk-food’ and an unbelievable amount of SUGAR on everything, its beyond my comprehension.

Now for the first time in my Life Journey I realised the major reason why I am different is I have always relied on simply one meal a day. With a statistic as high as 80% to 90%, I was living on an evening health-based meal on its own, with this maximum of 10% to 20% divided between occasional lunches and breakfasts, and that’s spread over the last almost 60 years (This coincides with all this beginning and forever beyond – the only time ever – I was seriously sick). Suffice to mention all this time I have never neglected a life commitment to progressive weight training and in 2020 I will have completed a Fifty-Five Year Lifestyle Training Plan of achieving all of my 1st to 10th Martial Arts Degrees which began on 3rd of March in 1965, resulting in a lifetime of extensive physical activity (***Since my gall-stones problem could have potentially killed me (In 1958-59 early 1960). A decade later, my stuntman friend scarred me off his very special brand of SUGAR (In 1970). I would never have had such a wonderful life had I’d continued down that track of simply supporting Junk-Food, Soft-Drinks & SUGAR, many hundreds of my good mates – all much younger than me, are all long gone, many of them after years of many different illnesses. Billy Thorpe, Joe Cocker, David Bowie are just three of these hundreds, more like thousands. These are simply three of my favourites of the ones I knew personally as special friends, all have passed during the last decade…

Billy Thorpe complete with his BJC – Bob Jones Cross (MACFINN)

Just prior to passing Billy yelled at me as he was going on stage to do a set at a huge open air concert; “Chief, make a point of it – as soon as possible you must travel to Morocco” – and that was that?